About Us

RaiVu and the Big Picture

RaiVu started as an idea created by its founding partners in Hersh Rai & Nicholas Vu. Being roommates in graduate school, they frequently shared meals together, discussed class and research work, and entertained conversations regarding a multitude of topics. At a dinner table conversation, Hersh and Nick started to discuss the idea and power of real estate investing. Residing in the Midwest at the time, the two understood the value in visiting their local markets, connecting with like-minded investors and real estate professionals, and seeking to add value to others in order to learn about the industry. After becoming familiar with multiple asset classes, they decided to focus on larger commercial acquisitions consisting of multifamily and manufactured housing communities. These two asset classes represented an opportunity in which they could give back to their communities, improve the wellbeing of the residents, and present investment opportunities to those around them. Now, they have expanded their reach into markets including the Southeast, and have formed compelling partnerships with trusted operators to best execute and deliver the envisioned business strategy created.

Presently, RaiVu has expanded into a real estate based private equity firm that continuously seeks to help others learn about real estate, provide investment opportunities, foster and develop new partnerships within the industry, and, most importantly, positively impact the communities the firm invests in. They are excited to be on this journey, and welcome you to join alongside.

Our Team.