Investments and Philosophy

Our curation process involves a variety of considerations and qualifications that allow us to gain the necessary insights into our deals. Whether it be crime rates or income level, we always take every aspect of the property into account before moving forward.

Monetary and Tax considerations

Security and Crime

General market trends and shifts

Regulatory and Political dynamics

Job and employment trends

Population trends

Focused Markets: The Mighty Midwest and Secure Southeast

RaiVu focuses on investing in markets around the United States with an emphasis on the Midwest and Southeast. Within these markets, the investment thesis focuses on value-add creation through renovations, utility passthrough, increased quality of life, and pertinent operational efficiencies in order to best leverage cash flow. These markets consist of assets in which improvements can be made to force appreciation, and thus improving the return profile for RaiVu's investors, residents, and partners at large. Rather than being speculative, we seek value in creative ways that we can control in order to best maximize output and improve the asset holistically. The RaiVu team loves the Midwest and Southeast as they continue to grow in population size, availability of jobs, and expansion of industry. These areas are the future, and the team is excited to be a part of it.