We believe the real estate investment journey starts with learning. On this page, you will find all the podcasts our team has been featured on. We share our journey, our investment tips, our goals and ambitions, and what we look forward to when pursuing opportunities. Through these episodes and more, we hope you are able to learn, just as we have on our journey, and hope you can join us as we grow. So sit back, relax, and listen to an episode or two. Let us know what you think!

The Mulitfamily Takeoff

Pursuing Commercial Real Estate While on Active Duty

The Real Estate Monopoly Podcast

Young Investing: What Hersh Rai Learned From a Deal That Fell Thorugh (and How He Got His First Deal)

Passive Income Unlocked

How to Improve People’s Quality of Life By Doing Real Estate

Service Academy Business Mastermind

Building Wealth While on Active Duty with Hersh Rai and Nick Vu, USNA ‘19

The Lessons in Real Estate Show

Starting Early with Acquisitions and Investor Relations with Hersh Rai

Making Money in Multifamily Real Estate Show

A Successful Pivot Into Mobile Home Parks

Multifamily Missteps

Why is Partnering on a Deal Like Getting Married?

The Active Duty Passive Income Podcast

How to Start Investing Early In Your Career

the (N.O.I.) Podcast

A W-2 Job & Putting Your Cash To Work With Hersh Rai

The Real Estate Syndication Show

Active Duty Time Management For Multi Family Success with Hersh Rai & Nicholas Vu

R.E.I. Brothers

Breaking into Multifamily Through Mentorship & Adding Value

The Diary of An Apartment Investor

Accelerating Growth with John Azar and Hersh Rai

Asian CRE Network Podcast

Hersh Rai & Nicholas Vu / RaiVu

The Diary of An Apartment Investor

Four Keys to Success with Jerome Myers & Nicholas Vu

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